A Portfolio of Work by Designed Co.

A portfolio says a lot about a designer, company and even a particular aesthetic with that designer or company resonates with. Here are a few examples of work that Ben Towers has done for clients.

Flyers and Posters

In this section there are flyers and ads for events, posters and banner designs for various projects and even a menu design. I also added some mailers and other printed material.

Business Cards

Business cards are a way to not only convey basic information, but show who you are as a company. From whimsical to weird to very specific messaging, these cards share a little about each client.

Banners & Infographics

Graphic design conveys a lot of messages. When you create an infograph or a banner for an event, you need to make sure your message is clear.

Books, Booklets and Pamphlets

For tradeshows, general information and other events you might need a flyer, pamphlet or even a full booklet. I’ve done many including fully-bound books for certain companies. Below are the covers and should link to a downloadable PDF.




Although I have an entire page devoted to logo design, here are a bunch of them together. Logos are the thing that people tend to remember about a business, long after the name has faded, so it better be simple, memorable and have the right message.

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