The Solargreen Modern Logo Project

About this Project

Solargreen was an idea whose time had come: sell solar panels to the masses because they were finally getting to a price point that was at or near parity with large-scale power generation. “Power to the People!” was the idea.

When Designed looked at the things needed to make this logo work, we needed to look at colors as well as typography. A good rule of thumb when designing a logo is to make the logo work in black and white first. If it does,, then you probably have a decent logo on hand and can start working on the colors.

We had a good logo! We knew that the universal power sign, stylized a little bit, would be immediately recognizable. Make it glowing with power and it is more striking. Add green to the remainder of the word in a simple font and you can definitely get the point across.

Project Details

Client Solargreen, LLC
Project Logo design, business card design
Date February 2011
Logo Style Combined logotype
Font Opificio
Location Salt Lake City, UT

White Painted Cabinets

We chose to paint their main cabinets in a beautiful white that would form the background color of the kitchen. Mr Cabinet Painter also updated the hardware to an modern rubbed bronze handle.

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